Is Noah's ark a true story?

I am christian and I believe in God and I read the bible. But after thinking about the story of Noah I am starting to wonder, how did he build a boat that big with old tools? How did he fit every animal on to it? There are way too many, how did he feed all the animals? How did just him and his family repopulate the…

Of course it is! Nothing is impossible with God!!

HE didn’t.

THe Noah story was stolen from the much older myth of Gilgamesh.

It is likely that there once was a localised great flood – some people have speculated that it might have been whe n the Black sea was formed with water flooding in from the mediterrainian and destroying what was once home to many farming communities.

IT is possible that some bloke saw it coming and built a boat to have his family and his farms animals.

It got embelished and embelished and there we have it

Just about every religion in the world has some sort of a “Great Flood” story.

This leads many to believe that such an incident really did occur at some point in human history.

Noahs Ark is a true story and if you dont believe that then you would believe that our Almighty God Jehovah will destroy this wicked system of people very soon because the Bible tells us just as the days of Noah people eating and drinking taking no note until flood came then it was too late so to people today are not listening when we go from door to door telling people about Jehovah.

Stories about a worldwide flood are found in historic records all over the world. There are more than 270 such stories, most of which share a common theme and similar characters. So many flood stories with such similarities surely come from the Flood of Noah’s day.

Hawaiians have a flood story that tells of a time when, long after the death of the first man, the world became a wicked, terrible place. Only one good man was left, and his name was Nu-u. He made a great canoe with a house on it and filled it with animals. In this story, the waters came up over all the earth and killed all the people; only Nu-u and his family were saved.

Another flood story is from China. It records that Fuhi, his wife, three sons, and three daughters escaped a great flood and were the only people alive on earth. After the great flood, they repopulated the world.

Each story shares remarkable similarities to the account of Noah in the Bible. This is true even in some of the details, such as the name Nu-u in the Hawaiian flood story. “Nu-u” is very similar to “Noah.”

Cain, after the murder of Abel, is spoken of as ‘taking up residence’ in a certain area, and there “he engaged in building a city.” (Ge 4:16, 17)

One of his descendants, Jabal, became “the founder of those who dwell in tents and have livestock.”

Another became a “forger of every sort of tool of copper and iron.” (Ge 4:20, 22)

This was *before* the Flood of Noah’s Day.

God only had Noah take two of every *kind* of animal aboard (besides 7 of each clean animal),
*not* every breed within each kind that may have developed up to that point in time. Please note:

“…It has been estimated by some that the hundreds of thousands of species of animals today could be reduced to a comparatively few family “kinds”—the horse kind and the cow kind, to mention but two….

“With this in mind some investigators have said that, had there been as few as 43 “kinds” of mammals, 74 “kinds” of birds, and 10 “kinds” of reptiles in the ark, they could have produced the variety of species known today.

“Others have been more liberal in estimating that 72 “kinds” of quadrupeds and less than 200 bird “kinds” were all that were required.

“That the great variety of animal life known today could have come from inbreeding within so few “kinds” following the Flood is proved by the endless variety of humankind—short, tall, fat, thin, with countless variations in the color of hair, eyes, and skin—all of whom sprang from the one family of Noah….” (#1)

Food was taken aboard the ark for its inhabitants, plus, they may have fished & harvested kelp during their long stay aboard.

Also, the Ark was in the shape of a large box, because it had to stay afloat in rough seas, and the specific shape that God told Noah to build it, gave it the needed stability:

“God told Noah to use a length-to-depth ratio of 10 to 1. Later shipbuilders would learn only by hard experience that such a ratio can accommodate” the stresses that faced the ark.” (#2)

The box-shape also afforded more space inside than a boat with a rounded bottom would have….

Noah had help, plus plenty of time in which to build the Ark likely 40-50 years).
He had three grown sons, plus their wives, besides his own wife. (#3)

And, he didn’t have to do the planning, as God told him what the dimensions of the Ark should be, as well as what materials to use in its construction. So, they ‘just’ had to locate, prepare, & transport the materials, and follow God’s layout for the Ark. (#1)

It was truly a miracle of design, as no man then could have known what forces the Ark would be up against, or how different types of construction would fare in such prior non-experienced circumstances! (#2)

Yes… The Flood of Noah’s Day Really Happened!…

Remember, when this story was authored, no one was writing things down. The story was told over and over, with different people competing to tell it the best. How do we make stories more interesting? Exaggeration! My dad is a firm believe in never letting the truth get in the way of a good story. He can tell some whoppers. I was there for half of his stories and I hardly recognize them anymore. The only common theme is that my dad is the hero and everyone else needed him to save the day!

Oh, does that sound familiar? God has a giant temper fit and kills almost everyone, then the few who were saved have to repopulate the earth somehow. The story was invented to explain how fossils got onto mountaintops and what the deal is with rainbows. Now we understand that mountains were once the floors of great seas that were pushed out of the way. The story is still a good one for teaching blind obedience.

Yes! Noah even allowed a pair of talking snakes aboard the ark.

Why oh why oh why do people try to find a naturalistic explanation for the Noah story?

The whole point of the story is that it is miraculous! And yet people try to measure out the amount of space and the food that would be required to actually replicate the story. That’s missing the point entirely!

If you’re a Christian, you should remember that the Noah story includes Noah, his wife, their three sons, and their wives. You should also recall that Jesus spoke of Noah as if he were an actual person in history.

If you discount the Noah story, I think you miss the supernatural miracle of the story, you must declare that the Bible is false, and you have to also say that Jesus was confused or a liar.

Can you really do that?

Don’t forget, we have stories similar to the Noah story from various cultures around the world. We disagree about religious beliefs, about gender roles, about social values, about child-rearing, about resource usage, about culture — and yet early civilizations all shared a flood story. Isn’t that odd to you? That lends credibility to the shared experience, rather than calling it into question.

Is it a true story? haha I think it’s a little less trivial than that.

No, it’s just a story to falsely explain rainbows.

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