Is it now legal to carry guns at Atlanta International Airport?

I’ve heard it’s now legal to carry guns at the airport all the way up to the security check point.


No. There is a new state law that expands what public areas people can carry guns (now including public transportation, in parks and recreation areas and in restaurants that serve alcohol).

However, on July 1 (the same day the law went into effect), city officials declared the airport a “gun-free zone.” Gun advocates filed a lawsuit to fight that. The Governor of the state said he’d like his wife to be able to have a gun when she travels.

A hearing is scheduled for August 11. Until then it is illegal to have a gun at the airport.

i’m an somewhat professional-gun rights individual, yet i myself do not see the factor. a million. Airports are actually the main guarded homes contained in the rustic, constantly militia guards and federal brokers crawling around 2. you may might desire to supply it up on the checkpoint 3. i’m worried approximately hid carry rules, yet i ought to work out some people inflicting intense problems in the event that they observed people of Arabic descent at an airport if that they had a gun. So i might say no, and that i’m not some anti-gun nut, quite the different in actuality.

If nobody sees it, otherwise you will be arrested.
Don’t mind me asking but WHY do you want to carry a gun in an airport ? It’s perfectly safe

But if you want to take it with you you can get special authorization by the airport and airline you’re flying with but you might have to pay.

you will have to have document that approves you to do that like a document from a court unless you a cop if you are a police officer you can just pass with it legally but if you not than you will have to do allot of talking with police and stuff like that but i would just recommend not to bring any guns because technically guns are not allowed in any airport and you will be prosecuted if anyone at airport will find it so don’t even try

By state law, It is legal to carry in public buildings. (this would not include behind the security check point, which is governed by Federal Law) However the city has stated they will violate your 4 th amendment rights and arrest you anyway. has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and the airport. But it is undecided as to the our come of the case.


Although a new law was passed for the citizens in Georgia that expands gun law rights, there is a no-guns policy at the Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL) that does not permit any guns within the premesis of the airport unless the people carrying them are authorized personnel such as police officers, security, or government authorities.

hi you
correct me if i am wrong by law the USA has what we call here the law the “right to bear arms” but like you pointed out in your question if you want to broad a flight you cant bring a gun pass the security check point or what they say at airports the frisk him area so where ever you haeredd that from could be very must right in what they said

YES WHY YES IT IS! And then when you get to the check point, and they find you have a GUN you also get a FREE trip to the airport ‘JAIL’ and searched and possible annally rapped if they decide you look like you are carrying drugs!! Try it…………I dare you

No. There is a new state law that expands what public areas people can carry guns (now including public transportation, in parks and recreation areas and in restaurants that serve alcohol).

Everyone seems to be forgetting that neither the city nor the state make the security laws concerning ANY airport. That ALL come under Federal law in the US. Homeland Security.

So no. Carrying is NOT allowed at ANY airport. Transporting a weapon in a case, unloaded, and ammo in a separate container prior to checking it through, IS allowed.

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