In 20 years, do you think most Americans will even be able to afford basic food and clothing anymore?

Since the supply for food, gasoline, etc. won’t be able to meet the demand of nearly 10 billion people by that point, prices will inevitably shoot up and up and up.

The upper classes in China and America will be equally just fine. But the poor shall starve in every country!

Yes, I think the economy will improve dramatically before then. I also do not believe our population will continue to grow that fast, and may even decline. It is true that the gap between the richest and the poorest has been growing in the past decade or so, but that trend can and must be reversed.

Another unpleasant but true factor is that our population is aging dramatically. We Baby Boomers may look like living forever and making huge demands on public resources, but the truth is longevity has only improved significantly among the middle and upper class, who have access to superior health care, wholesome food and exercise. The poor eat too much carbohydrates and fats, and too little protein, and have a variety of conditions which are far better controlled if you have the money to spend on them. Obesity and diabetes are two interlinked examples, along with heart disease, high blood pressure, and infectious diseases. Also alcohol and drug abuse are worse among the poor, and shorten life.

In 20 years, the Baby Boomers will have mostly died off except among the wealthier population, and most of those will be retired and no longer competing for jobs. They will instead be creating jobs in a great many fields.

Well you seem to have answered your own question, so I am not sure if this was actually a question or a statement. In any case, I will answer it anyways. In 20 years none of us will be able to recognize the social OR fiscal landscape of the world. It is easy to take the problems of today and xerox them onto a fictional future landscape that no one has seen. The fact is we don’t know what problems will exist in 20 years because none of us know what mitigating factors will exist to counter these futuristic problems. You mentioned food and gasoline for instance. Science even now provides for solutions to both those problems, and when the problems get bad enough for the private sector to take action, then the problem will solve itself. Hydroponics and Hydrogen fuel technology is already sufficiently advanced even now to address those problems, and I am certain that in 20 years, it will be even easier to implement.

If food gets too expensive. People could counter that by starting their own hydroponic farms that could provide more food for less money using less water AND less land. If gas gets too expensive, people will convert their engines over to burn hydrogen instead of gasoline which is already easily made from water, much cheaper, and extremely safe compared to gasoline and diesel relatively speaking.

In addition, it is not our concern to provide for 10 billion people. We have approximately 350 million people in this country, perhaps 425 to 450 million in 20 years. These are the only people the government needs to concern itself with as far as resources go. All these other nations can provide for themselves just as we do, or they can adapt to become capable of doing so.

We will have have 10 billion people in 2070 dumbass.

And “peak oil” is a joke because we find more and more proven reserves every year.

Kids these days. Unclench. You’ll be just fine and look back in 20 years and realize how stupid you were.

I think just about everything would be a rare luxury then.

If current trends continue it will be very hard.

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