Is our legal system based on Judeo-Christian principles?

This is what someone on here claimed. But… 1. It's not against the law to work on the Sabbath, to have icons, to covet, etc. And all pagan cultures taught that it' wrong to steal and kill, so those rules are not unique to Abrahamic religion. 2. Our laws are much more fully developed. For

Fantasy Football EPIC trades?

Who gets the better end in these trades? Trade 1 Team 1 gets: Ryan Mathews and Derrick Mason Team 2 gets: Calvin Johnson and Felix Jones Trade 2 Team 1 gets: Beanie Wells Team 2 gets: Ahmad Bradshaw and Wes Welker Trade 3 Team 1 gets: Arian Foster Team 2 gets: Dez Bryant Who wins

Nuturalists/Atheists. How do you explain this?

Yesterday night I had two dreams Dream 1:was about my former school and all of a sudden it started cracking. Those on the porch were able to get out just in time. And than the school completely crashed o the ground After that dream I told it to my friend and found out that he

Why Do Jehovah Witnesses refuse to fight in wars?

This was a question raised by a yahoo member. Why do JW's refuse to fight in wars when there were many wars fought in ancient times by holy people? You are right there were many wars fought by God's people. But there is a huge diffference between how those wars were fought opposed to how

Did you ever witness death?

Ugh I did a few hours ago.. One moment I was outside playing with my dog, the next minute I hear tires drifting on the road and then BAM a crash. 3 cars were involved, two were completely okay but one of them were messed up bad. One person died < – she was in

Anime Poll #62 (Anime Week-Bleach Day)?

Most likely this will be the last question for the day…. =( Kinda sucks, so blame it on my school homework!!! >:( Also, please pick which of the following day you want tomorrow to be: A) *Yaoi Day* (New!) B) CLAMP Day C) Sport Anime Day D) Dragon Ball Z Day E) Pokemon Day I'm