What's the best way to raise money for gap-year travelling?

I finish sixth form college (UK Year 13) in June and plan on travelling for 4-5 months from february 2010. My brother has done this already and he paid for it with a FT waiting job at an mid-class italian restaurant. I'd love to do something more diverse or something that builds up towards my

My twelve year old brother's mood swings are out of control?

One second hes laughing, the next hes crying and threatening suicide. My mother and I try helping him, but its at the point were I sort of want to strangle him. Today he came home crying, saying everyone on the bus is mean to him, and the bus driver doesn't care. He won't even stand

I'm afraid of growing up….?

I'm 16 years old, and I'm a junior in high school. I love being a teenager! I love high school. Basically, I'm just afraid of growing up, and not seeing a lot of people ever again. I'm afraid of losing contact with even my closest friends while I'm in college. I'm afraid of being in…

Theist, God is an atheist!!?

God doesn’t believe in any other gods, only himself, thus making him an atheist. If god created me in his image then wouldn’t that mean that I am more like god than you are considering I am an atheist?

Feeling Fat and Ugly?

I am 5 months pregnant (w/a girl) and feel fat and ugly. I am normally apprx. 110 pds and now I'm 135 pds. With my first 2 (boys) I actually felt pretty. Now I am tired, I have vericose veins that kill my legs, My back is in so much pain, Stretching is uncomfortable, and

What if King Edward VIII never abdicated?

Edward was forced to abdicate in 1936 when Stanley Baldwin, the then-Prime Minister, made it clear to him he would have to choose between the throne and Wallis Simpson. Historically, he chose Wallis, his brother succeeded him as George VI, and within a few years Europe was at war. Edward died in 1972 as the